She Suffered From Diabetes Until She Figured Out This Little Known Trick

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I felt like a total failure and as though I didn’t have much to live for anymore. Lorianne Michaelson uttered these words as she continued to feel more and more helpless and fall into a deep depression.

Lorianne had battled with her weight her entire life and when her family doctor diagnosed her with type 2 diabetes back on April 18, 2016, she just didn’t know if she had the strength to fight anymore.

Lorianne thought that diabetes was a life-altering disease and that the symptoms would turn her world upside down. What she came to find out is that there were over 29 million Americans that were experiencing what she was and that we was not alone.

More importantly, she found out that it wasn’t her fault.

It was the mass food producers and restaurants that had put additives and preservatives in their their food and drink that made her addicted to their products. She now knew the reason for the nonstop eating that had caused her type 2 diabetes and she set out to find the solution.

I constantly drank Diet Coke because I was thirsty, I craved fried foods that I knew were Bad for me but couldn’t seem to resist, and was Always tired.

At first, Lorianne stuck with a few friends from her church group to walk and lightly work out which helped her to drop a few pounds. However, she still had the same symptoms that didn’t seem to be making any progress even though she was taking Metformin and seemed to be eating and exercising properly.

Lorianne became desperate. She was so disappointed in the person that she occasionally caught a glimpse of in the mirror and tried to avoid looking at herself at all costs.

It wasn’t just the way that she felt about herself either. Lorianne began to draw back from social functions and didn’t want to spend time with friends, neighbors, or even the organizations associated with Green elementary school that her children, Farrah and Jim, Jr., attended.

she thought that her husband, Jim, Couldn’t possibly love her the same way that he once did and would leave at any given moment.

Instead of giving up, she decided that she would work even harder to combat the symptoms of her disease. She counted calories, joined a gym, went on just about ever fad diet out there for months at a time…yet nothing seemed to change.

That’s when Lorianne saw a high school friend put up a post on Instagram about a product called Fermented Essentials. Lorianne’s friend, Adrienne, claimed that she no longer had cravings for sweets as a result of taking the product almost instantly. Lorianne figured that she had nothing to lose and decided to take action.

What happened next was nothing short of miraculous and it changed her life forever.

Lorianne quickly mixed one scoop of Fermented Essentials every morning with her tomato juice and she was able to fill all of the nutritional gaps in her diet. All of the organic, fermented fruits and vegetables were able to balance out her blood sugar and the normal symptoms that she experienced had practically gone away.

Lorianne had been told that it was impossible to balance her blood sugar without the aid of medication but she found out that this simply wasn’t true. It was actually very simple to get her blood sugar in check by consuming all natural fruits and vegetables and now she had a secret weapon that shocked her family doctor.

Her A1c test dropped to below 6% and her blood glucose test never rose over 175 mg/dL.

The results were astonishing after just a few months and Lorianne continued to dedicate herself to making progress. Nowadays she often looks back at where she was and how far she has come.

When asked about her journey, Lorianne can summarize her life rather simply, “There’s always hope and you can never give up. Just keep trying and find the solution that’s right for you. I finally found mine…that’s the only way you’ll create a happier and healthier life.”

If you’re ready to face down your symptoms from diabetes, get a free trial of Fermented Essentials over at or call 919-307-3495.