How a Stay-At-Home Kicked Her Constant Food Cravings and Saved Her Life


Theresa, if you keep eating this way, your blood pressure is going to continue to rise, and at this rate, there’s a very good chance that you could have even have a heart attack and die within the next few years. I hardly think that you want to leave Martin alone to provide for your young family…it’s time to get serious.

This is what Theresa Harris of Lafayette, IN, heard from her family doctor, Dr. Groves, on March 19, 2016. From that day forward, Theresa devoted herself to trying anything and everything to figure out how to start living a healthier lifestyle.

If I don’t start eating right, I might not be around to take care of my family. I have no choice but to figure this out.

For the first few days, Theresa was able to eat reasonably well. Her diet consisted mostly of vegetables, fruits, and healthy starches like potatoes and was completely void of any sugary snacks, processed foods, cheese, and bread.

Perhaps it was because of what Theresa stood to lose those first few days but the side effects of her lifestyle change began to kick in. Oftentimes, Theresa felt very faint, got severe hunger pangs, couldn’t think straight, and her food cravings for fried foods and sweets became intense.

Theresa figured that he could “push through it” with the right mindset but the symptoms just got worse and worse. She became frustrated, helpless, and almost felt like giving up.

I feel like a total failure. Why do I not have the strength to resist these food cravings?

Theresa tried diet pills, took a brisk walk when she felt food cravings coming on, and searched online for various solutions to her problem. She experienced little to no results overall and her cravings only continued to grow.

It wasn’t until Theresa’s sister, Bridget, mentioned a product that she had been taking called Fermented Essentials when Theresa’s reality finally began to change. She quickly realized that it wasn’t her fault that she craved food that was terrible for her, and it wasn’t a matter of self-control, discipline, or willpower.

Theresa learned that restaurants and food producers all put harmful chemicals, preservatives, and additives in the food that she regularly consumed, and it caused her to become addicted just like nicotine in cigarettes. The other reason was because Theresa had major nutritional gaps in her diet and it was the root cause of why she was always so hungry.

She realized that her addiction and food cravings were a result of food companies choosing profit over her health.

The reason why Fermented Essentials filled these nutritional gaps is because it is packed full of healthy vitamins and minerals from a collection of fermented, organic fruits and vegetables. Theresa soon discovered that she only had to mix one scoop of Fermented Essentials in her morning smoothie and she almost instantly lost her cravings for unhealthy foods.

Today, Theresa is much happier and has undergone an entire lifestyle change and is no longer suffering from major health risks. She joined a local women’s workout group, volunteers in the community, and eats well because she wants to — not because she’s being forced to.

I remember thinking that it couldn’t possibly be this easy but it really is…I’m proof of it.

According to Theresa, “When you’ve done something like eating whatever you want your entire life, whenever you want…it almost seems impossible to change. However, all it really takes to get started is ensuring that you’re getting the right vitamins and minerals and staying away from processed foods…if I can do it then anyone can.”

If you’re ready to conquer your food cravings, get your free trial of Fermented Essentials over at or call 919-307-3495.