Most Americans Needlessly Suffer From Heartburn Because of Fraudulent Food Labeling


You’re all too familiar with the ongoing, devastating effects of acid reflux. The nagging sore throat, upper stomach pain, chronic cough, and the difficulty swallowing are examples of everyday discomfort for you.

Occasional heartburn is very common, especially after a large or spicy meal. However, recurring heartburn is an indication that there is a serious underlying problem that needs to be addressed.

the public isn’t aware that heartburn can be a symptom of a much more serious disease such as cancer.

But what is it that causes acid reflux, heartburn, GERD, or whatever other name that you call it? Is it true that it’s only caused by red wine, spicy foods, tomatoes and citrus fruits as all of the “experts” say?

Well, yes and no. Those foods certainly make the symptoms of heartburn worse but there are a number of contributing factors that most Americans never seem to take into account.

large portions, late-night snacks, and fatty foods are the top three reasons for unbearable heartburn.

Heartburn begins with what you put into your body; which is true. However, the root cause is that food producers put harmful additives, preservatives, and chemicals into the products that you’re consuming with inaccurate, and even deceitful, food labels.

Michael Nicholson of Columbia, MD, was suffering from constant heartburn and it took him decades to figure out that his work for a mass frozen food manufacturer and ensuing consumption of the products might be the primary reason why.

Before making this realization, Michael had tried to avoid all of the main foods that made his acid reflux worse as most people do. He had even taken it a step further and had tried medications such as Prevacid, Prilosec, and Nexium which all seemed to help a bit.

According to Michael, “Since we had such a discount on our products from the manufacturing plants, I always brought them home and had my entire family eating them. However, when both my wife, Donna, and I seemed to keep going faster and faster to keep up with life and just consumed a lot of frozen dinners and products.”

Michael went on to say, “I took a deeper dive to examine exactly what we were eating and I was shocked to find out exactly just how many harmful additives and preservatives were in our food. That was the reason why we were getting so sick and couldn’t avoid the awful symptoms no matter what we tried.”

We were putting absolute crap into our bodies and didn’t realize how sick it was making us!

Michael set out to find a solution that wouldn’t require him to take a large amounts of pills each day and eventually discovered that organic, fermented foods was the absolute best way to rid of his heartburn symptoms forever. The reason is because fermentation breaks down food which makes it easier for your body to absorb and simultaneously develops nutrients that help your body fill nutritional gaps.

Fermented foods such as apple, cacao, and resveratrol are especially helpful in balancing of blood sugar and simultaneously help decrease cravings for bad food. But who has the time to go out and source all of these different expensive organic foods and ferment them through the time-consuming process?

That’s when Michael had a neighborhood friend introduce a product called Fermented Essentials to him at a community party. He figured that he had nothing to lose and he immediately started taking the product once (or maybe twice when he needed an extra boost).

All I had to do is take one scoop each morning with my orange juice and I was set for the day.

Almost instantly, both Michael and Donna miraculously had their heartburn symptoms, the chronic pain, and overall discomfort vanish. According to Donna, “I’m just glad that Michael took action and found a solution so that we could get our lives back.”

If you’re ready to conquer your heartburn symptoms, get your free trial of Fermented Essentials over at or call 919-307-3495.