About WLPC

This is a stock photo and we look nothing like these people. Who do you know that carries around dumbbells and scales anyhow?

So don’t worry…we’re not fitness nuts that eat nothing but kale and run marathons every single day. You’ll be comfortable here as we make everything we talk about very approachable.

We’re just a group of ordinary people that got into health, fitness and proper nutrition for a number of reasons. Some people were told by their doctors that they were going to die, others just want more energy to be with their family after a long day of work, and yet others are sick of their muffin top and want to look their best.

This site has three main objectives, which are as follows:

  1. Tells true stories to inspire you.
  2. Educates you about general health, wellness, and nutrition.
  3. Shares products with you that have helped others achieve the results from the first two objectives.

We aim to be completely transparent and we look forward to getting to know you. Please use the contact form below whenever you have comments, questions, need help, or have helpful suggestions.